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The Eternity Group has grown over the more than 30 years since our first office was established in Taipei in March, 1989.

We now stand as a shipping group with 19 branches in the Greater China region, Panama, Mexico, and Chile.

Our Panama branch has modern warehouses and transport facilities, to provide you with safe, reliable warehousing and distribution.

In order to establish a robust service network and provide you with even better service, we have established a comprehensive global network of agents.

We focus on all kinds of transport services from the Asia-Pacific region to the Caribbean and Central/South America regions.

Our many years of experience have provided customers with comprehensive logistics solutions, and built our excellent industry reputation.

We maintain rigorous service standards while also endeavoring to introduce the most advanced technologies and operating software. We ensure that every consignment is meticulously handled and tracked, in real time.

We also firmly believe that building a strong team and maintaining good customer relationships is a bedrock requirement for a service industry company. The Eternity Group has established robust training systems and incentive mechanisms that help our employees give full play to their capabilities and senses of responsibility. This helps our staff respond to all manner of challenges you might have, from tight production schedules to transportation cycles.

Our competitiveness in freight rates and flexibility mean we can comprehensively meet all your needs.

We continuously work to respond to the changes of the 21st century world. The Eternity Group is continuously expanding our service scope and enhancing our service standards to provide swift, comprehensive transportation services for customers around the globe. We continue our efforts to ensure your consignments arrive safely and on time; and we keep expanding our service network to meet all your demands.

If you are looking for a reliable freight forwarding company, please contact us.

We look forward to working with you, and to providing you with excellent logistics solutions.


The Group’s mission at all times is to provide a comprehensive range of international freight forwarding services to our customers, through a commitment to maintain a superior level of customer service, and by encouraging employee participation in the success of our business.


Eternity Group specializes in providing all modes of transportation services in the Asia Pacific region to and from the Caribbean, Central and South America.

Through out the years, Eternity Group has developed an outstanding reputation in the industry and the group was built on the philosophy of a total service concept geared to expectations. Such achievement is mainly attributable to the quality services Eternity has been rendering.

Eternity Group believes that a service company means human relations through a qualified staff. We are extremely competitive in our pricing and flexible to our client’s individual needs.